Dec 10, 2010

Artist Trading Card Exchange Project


My grade 2s and I recently recieved an exciting package in the mail and set about comparing the work of their American buddies with their own. Here are some of our favourite trading cards from the U.S and some important differences we learned about the different places in which we live...Again, big thanks to Nichole from Mini Matisse for making this happen.

Blogging - the way of the future!!

We've never seen a cornfield... Or made a snowman!
The kids were most interested in the pictures showing food! : )
We call these 'petrol stations' and 'primary school'.

Our playgrounds look like this but our football is a very different game.
We call marker pens 'textas' in Australia and we spell 'colour' differently.
 We've never seen a coyote. And we write the date day/month/year.
Thanks Rogers! It was fun to see where you live.


  1. Anne,

    This is a great project! I would love to get my students involved in the ATC project in the future. Please let me know if you are interested in doing it again :)

    Kate Eshelman
    k-6 art

  2. A little late on this but I'm an art teacher in Washington, D.C. USA and I'd love to do this with you! Let me know if you want to do it again. You can contact me at: