May 1, 2015

Line Weaving

Is it just me or do kids find weaving really, really difficult? I usually start the junior grades off with paper weaving before venturing into textiles but I feel like it takes many, many demonstrations for them to grasp! 
Anyhow, this lesson also teaches line types, qualities and directional lines. I had the students rule up two pages, one with vertical lines and the other horizontal and then asked them to use a black marker to draw a different type of line inside each strip. Once the strips were cut, they wove their lines together and once they were finally complete they did look quite effective. This very cool lesson idea came from For The Love of Art.

Apr 24, 2015

Abstracts in Complementary Colours

This is a great lesson I'd really like to do again one day.  The idea came from Create Art With Me!
Students used a ruler to divide up their page, creating triangular sections. They then drew different directional lines in each section, painting each section using a combination of complementary colours. This actually took a lot longer for the kids to paint than I estimated so in future I would use smaller paper or allow a longer time for completion.

Apr 17, 2015

Warm and Cool Sea Creatures

The idea for this great painting lesson on warm and cool colours comes from arte a scuola. 
I tried out this lesson with grade 3 students. They used pictures of sea creatures as inspiration for a drawing of their choice. They then divided up their page using wavy lines and painted each background area using various cool colours and the areas inside their animal using warm colours.

Apr 10, 2015

Marble Paintings In The Style of Jackson Pollock

This was a fun lesson I did at the end of the school year after discussing abstraction and the work of Jackson Pollock with my grade 4 students.

Divided into groups, students took turns placing a piece of paper in the bottom of a shallow cardboard box, dipping marbles into paint and then rolling the marbles around in various directions to create action paintings reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's work. This was a great process for the students as although they had some control over the painting it was difficult to predict the end result.
Jackson Pollock images on the Smartboard for inspiration.

Apr 6, 2015

Complementary Colour Woven Hearts

This lesson idea for these woven paper hearts comes from Magic Dragon Magazine. I used this lesson around Valentine's Day as an introduction to weaving textiles and to teach complementary colours to grade 3 and 4.

Mar 16, 2015

Ming Vase Scratch Art

Thank you Miriam at arte a scuola for this amazing idea based on iconic blue and white ceramics of unusual shapes from China's Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

My grade 5 students used pictures of Ming vases as a reference when drawing their own large symmetrical vessel. They then filled in their shape with layers of blue oil pastel in various shades. They then painted the shape with a couple of layers of white paint before using a wooden skewer to scratch in their drawings. 

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