Jun 22, 2015

Warm Sky, Cool Sea

I always enjoy teaching warm and cool colours and I think my grade ones did a great job with this lesson which is courtesy of 'Color Like You Mean It'. 

I had my students begin with a "wavy" line across the middle of their page to represent the sea. They then drew a semi circle for the sun (those who would struggle with this were given a paper plate to assist them to draw the shape) and added lines for the rays of the sun (yes, this is the only time this is OK!). I then asked them to practice their best wavy lines to draw in the ocean waves and those who needed more of a challenge could draw spirals too. We outlined in black permanent marker before painting in watercolours. Students were encouraged to mix their own colours as well as using the ones available.

Jun 7, 2015

More Koi Fish Drawings

You may have seen this lesson HERE the first time I tried it 2 years ago. I rarely repost lessons but I am so amazed at my current cohort of grade 2 students that I had to share these. 

After looking at many pictures of koi fish and discussing the way they move and the different markings and colours they can have, students created a pencil drawing from a photo of their choice. 
I asked them to begin with one line to represent the backbone. The curve of the line would also add movement and make their fish look as if it is swimming. They then created a body shape around this line, including the tail and drew in great detail the other features. After drawing I had them go over their drawing with black permanent marker before painting with watercolours. 

Students cut out their drawing using a wavy line to represent a pond. We didn't add the charcoal lines this time (as I did the last time I taught this lesson) as I was too excited to get these on display!

May 1, 2015

Line Weaving

Is it just me or do kids find weaving really, really difficult? I usually start the junior grades off with paper weaving before venturing into textiles but I feel like it takes many, many demonstrations for them to grasp! 
Anyhow, this lesson also teaches line types, qualities and directional lines. I had the students rule up two pages, one with vertical lines and the other horizontal and then asked them to use a black marker to draw a different type of line inside each strip. Once the strips were cut, they wove their lines together and once they were finally complete they did look quite effective. This very cool lesson idea came from For The Love of Art.
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