Nov 20, 2015

Rainforest Landscapes with Toucans

This lesson was inspired by the toucan drawings at Art with Mrs. Seitz. 
I wanted to reinforce some of the aspects of landscape painting such as foreground, midground, background, focal point and creating depth by overlapping. 
Students used pictures of toucans and rainforests as reference for their drawings. Once complete, students outlined in permanent marker, coloured in oil pastels and then used a wash of green edicol dye to complete. (Watercolour should work the same).

Nov 1, 2015

Ceramic Cake Sculptures

Grade 5 students used slab construction and modelling techniques to create a small triangular box, which they were then asked to decorate and glaze to resemble a slice of cake. This was such a fun project, with impressive results. Displaying these sculptures on my vintage cake plates made them look good enough to eat!
A few years ago I did a similar project, making clay cupcakes with grade 4 and 5. You can see those HERE. Either project is a great tie-in with Pop Art and particularly artists such as Wayne Thiebaud.

Oct 17, 2015

Easy Leaf Monoprints

 This is a simple mono-printing technique I learned in my childhood which I suddenly recalled this year and decided to try with my grade 2 students.

Students folded a piece of paper in half and thickly coloured one half of the page with various brightly coloured oil pastels. Once they had filled the page, I gave them a black crayon and asked them to colour over their coloured page as thickly as they could, aiming to have no colour showing through. This is the same technique one would use for scratch art. It seems to need to be black crayon and not oil pastel to work properly. 

We then folded the page in half again so that the coloured page was on the left side, inside.
I then had students make detailed observational line drawings from leaves we had previously collected from the school grounds. Once they had sketched the leaves lightly, students needed to ensure they had retraced all their lines in pencil, pressing hard so as to ensure the lines were being printed through on the inside of their page. 

Once they opened their page they now had their original drawing on the outside and a positive/negative mono-print of their drawings on the inside.
This is one of those fun projects where the kids can't predict the outcome and it seems like magic. It can also work with any drawing.

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