Aug 17, 2015

Paper Plate Weaving

Circular weavings on paper plates have been popping up on various websites for the past few years and I finally undertook this project this year with my grade fours. My students used warm colours to paint their plate as well for their weaving so as to represent a sun.

Jul 31, 2015

Koi Fish Bowls

Every now and then I say that this is my favourite project ever. This is one of those times. As a follow on from their Koi Fish Drawings, I had my grade 2 students create pinch pots containing tiny koi fish sculptures. 

The idea for this project came from the lovely tea cups made by ceramicist Mochi Liu. You can see them on his etsy site here. I was a little unsure how my students would go with sculpting such intricate and tiny fish but they really surprised me. I guess having tiny little hands definitely helps.  
My instructions were to roll a tiny piece of clay into a cylinder, then pinch one end to create a long teardrop shape. I then asked them to make three tiny triangles and attach them to the body to form the side fins and tail. We pressed the lid of a texta (thin marker) into the clay to create the scaly texture and the eyes. Having already studied pictures of koi fish and completed drawings, the students seemed to have a much better idea about transferring these ideas into three dimensions.  

The fish were painted using gloss glazes. I had planned to melt glass marbles in the bottom of each pot to create the look of water, as I have seen this done on other blogs, but after experimenting and having a couple of pots explode (why did this happen? Can anybody tell me?) I got most students to decorate the inside of their pot with oil pastels and blue edicol dye (food colouring) to create the look of water in the pond. I think they are the most adorable thing ever!

Jul 13, 2015

More Swimming Self Portraits!

 I first created this lesson around five years ago and it ended up becoming my most popular blog post!
 It's been a great project for exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques as well as getting students to create artworks based on familiar personal experiences, sensory expression and concepts of self.

I rarely repeat the same art projects over the years as I am always keen to try something new but after 5 years I had to revive this one for a batch of grade ones who were excited about swimming lessons. 
I also had to repost the project as I think that this time the kid's drawings are even cuter - I nearly died of cuteness.

You can see the original project HERE which also has details of the process. 

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