Oct 18, 2014

Abstract Paintings

 This was an introductory lesson to abstract painting for grade 2. I love exploring abstract art with younger age groups as they always seem to have an innate understanding of abstraction and never question its relevance the way older students do. 

After discuss the meaning of abstraction and viewing many examples of well-known abstract paintings, students set about creating their own abstract paintings. I loved watching them paint and seeing their personalities spread out in paint on their page.  Those who love colour used all the colours, those who are neat and organised painted organised lines and patterns and those who love mess and chaos went a little wild.

In the next lesson we made a square window frame from black card and I asked the students to frame the section of their work they felt was most interesting. Each student also titled their work after we discussed the convention of artists creating titles for their work. 


Oct 8, 2014

Animal Pattern Prints

 Grade 3 students made drawings of animals that travel together in groups before choosing one design to draw and engrave into a small styrofoam block. The process of block printing was demonstrated to students and they then repeated their print as many times as they could fit onto an A4 page. 
Once complete, students used a coloured dye to paint one section of their pattern to act as a focal point.


Sep 19, 2014

Ceramic Japanese Tea Cups

Inspired by this post at 'Artastic! Miss Oetken's Artists' I had my grade two students make these Japanese style tea cups. Students at my school learn Japanese as a second language and I have been working on many Japanese inspired art projects recently to integrate with their learning in Japanese and working towards an upcoming Japanese inspired exhibition at the school. 

After looking at several Japanese tea sets (borrowed from our wonderful Japanese teacher) and discussing the customs and traditions surrounding tea drinking in Japan, students were shown how to create a tea cup in clay using the pinch pot method.

After creating a small pinch pot of the appropriate shape, students rolled a thin piece of clay which was attached as a base. During the next lesson, the inside of the cups were glazed in a colour of their choosing, whilst the outside was decorated with a tiny brush, students painting either a cherry blossom design or Japanese calligraphy.  We used the words TEA and PEACE. 

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