Jul 13, 2015

More Swimming Self Portraits!

 I first created this lesson around five years ago and it ended up becoming my most popular blog post!
 It's been a great project for exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques as well as getting students to create artworks based on familiar personal experiences, sensory expression and concepts of self.

I rarely repeat the same art projects over the years as I am always keen to try something new but after 5 years I had to revive this one for a batch of grade ones who were excited about swimming lessons. 
I also had to repost the project as I think that this time the kid's drawings are even cuter - I nearly died of cuteness.

You can see the original project HERE which also has details of the process. 

Jul 5, 2015

Simple Wood Block Printing

This is a great simple introductory print-making project for junior years, however one you could try with any age kids and have great success. The idea came from Whip Up and you can check out the tutorial there. 

I had my grade two students wrap one long piece of wool (or yarn or string) around a wooden block, then tape it down to create a simple stamp for creating prints. They then used a foam roller to roll paint in a colour of their choice onto one side of their block, after choosing a piece of coloured paper they then created a patterned piece of paper full of prints. I allowed them to be as creative as they wished, so some students ended up using two or more sides of their block so they could create multi-coloured prints. Some even experimented with using the unwrapped end of the block to create prints.

Jun 22, 2015

Warm Sky, Cool Sea

I always enjoy teaching warm and cool colours and I think my grade ones did a great job with this lesson which is courtesy of 'Color Like You Mean It'. 

I had my students begin with a "wavy" line across the middle of their page to represent the sea. They then drew a semi circle for the sun (those who would struggle with this were given a paper plate to assist them to draw the shape) and added lines for the rays of the sun (yes, this is the only time this is OK!). I then asked them to practice their best wavy lines to draw in the ocean waves and those who needed more of a challenge could draw spirals too. We outlined in black permanent marker before painting in watercolours. Students were encouraged to mix their own colours as well as using the ones available.
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