Jan 21, 2016

Lino Printed Trees

Students made sketches of trees from nature, later creating a more simplified square design to become a linocut. Lino carving techniques were learned and students carved their designs with lino cutting tools and surprisingly few mishaps. Students were then asked to complete three prints, one in black ink, one in brown ink and one on an experimental surface of their choice.

Jan 2, 2016

More Cat Collages


I recently decided to revisit this project which I first completed with grade 1 students a few years ago. My first post about this project can be viewed here.  

I discussed with students the type of simple shapes that could be cut from coloured paper pieces and how to assemble them to create a cat. Students were then free to complete their collage using their choice of papers. Children's depictions of animals are always completely charming and these coloured paper collages are indeed adorable.

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