Jul 3, 2014

Line Collage

This is a great lesson for exploring different types of line. I found it here at The Clever Feather. Students started with a piece of paper turned vertically. They then painted straight vertical lines in colours of their choice. Once dry, students drew various types of horizontal lines on the unpainted side of their page. They then had to cut on these lines and glue the cut pieces back together onto a black piece of paper, leaving a small gap between each piece to emphasize the different line types. I did this lesson with grade ones but many of them found it quite difficult. The cutting and gluing proved extremely difficult for many students so in future I would probably make this a grade 2 lesson.

Jun 19, 2014

Cat and Bird

'Cat and Bird' by Paul Klee. Image via wikimedia.

This is a simple lesson based on Paul Klee's 1928 painting 'Cat and Bird'. I used this lesson for my grade ones to reinforce using basic shapes to build up a drawing and had students use a step-by-step approach. I've seen this lesson on a few websites over the years. Rumriver Art Center also has a great resource for the step-by-step approach. I let my students paint their Cat and Bird in colours of their choice.

Jun 7, 2014

Lava Lamps

I loved this project I did a while back with my grade 2s. This idea came from Pinterest but unfortunately the link is broken, so if this is originally your brilliant idea, please let me know so I can credit you!
Found on Pinterest
It's a really clever idea because it teaches many different concepts, uses a variety of media and looks effective.

As with the original poster, I used this project to reinforce the difference between geometric and organic shape. The lamp is created by drawing a large triangle, then cutting two smaller triangles and a tiny rectangle from black paper and gluing to form the rest of the lamp. Several small organic shapes were drawn and painted inside the lamp for the lava and again in the background to create the psychedelic light effects. 

The shapes in the background were repeatedly traced in coloured textas (markers) until the shapes filled the entire background. A piece of black string or yarn was also added as a cord for the lamp. You could also use this project to teach complementary colours and quality of line.

Mar 13, 2014

Contour Hands In Wire

I love to combine teaching contour drawing with working with wire - having to transform their drawings into wire sculptures really seems to reinforce the idea of using one continuous line that only follows the outlines of an object. 

Last year my grade 5 students rose to the difficult challenge of not only drawing their own hands using a marker (no erasing) but then transforming one of their drawings into wire. It was interesting to see the different approaches individual students used for this project. Some laid the wire directly over their drawings, some used their hand almost as an armature to get the shape, and some really did "freehand" it (so to speak).

I picked up some wooden coasters from a craft shop which served perfectly as a little stand for each sculpture - we just hot glued them right on.

As a group they represent a teacher's nightmare - every kid in the class wanting your attention all at the same time!

Feb 22, 2014

Recreating Famous Paintings and Greetings From the United Kingdom

It's been a while since I posted. It's actually been a while since I taught a class - two months in fact.

I am actually in the UK at the moment and will be for a few months before returning to my job in Australia. It's a long story but if any teachers are reading this in the UK - let's do lunch! I'm so bored and no one will give me a job over here. So let's make it a cheap lunch because I'm also broke. On a positive note I've been bumming around in galleries in London about once a week which has been amazing!
At the Tate Modern with one of my favourite paintings.
Anyhow - I thought I'd post some lovely drawings some grade 4 and 5 students did at the end of last year as part of an art history assignment I set. They had to research a famous painter and part of the assignment asked them to recreate one of that artist's most well known paintings.




Van Gogh:

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