Apr 28, 2010

Bushfire Paintings

Bushfire photo from sosnews.org
The students came back to school from holidays the same week as the Black Saturday Bushfires.
The newspapers were full of horrific but beautiful photos of burning fires. The school was raising money for the victims of the fires and these paintings by grade 5 students helped to raise awareness when displayed around the school.

The activity is inspired by an activity in this book which has a lot of great activities.

The background was created with a wash of red, orange and yellow edicol dyes. A thick line of black drawing ink was then painted across the bottom of the page and a few thick wet blobs of ink were added along the line. Students then used a short length of straw to blow the wet ink into spidery tree patterns. Each student's results were different but all were proud of their work.


  1. Is there something special about how edicol dyes work or would tempera paint work just as well in this project?

  2. Hi Doris - the dye makes the colours run together nicely but I'm sure you could get the same effect with watery tempera.


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