Apr 11, 2010

Pirate Hand Puppets.

These grade 3 students created their puppets over about 10 one hour lessons.
The head was created first from a styrofoam ball. Students added a nose and ears sculpted from aluminium foil and paper mached the entire head to create a smoother surface. The head was painted in a chosen skin colour and faces were drawn on with textas.
Wool was used for hair, wire for jewelry and hats and bandannas were created from scraps of fabric and cardboard.
The student's hand sewed two pieces of felt cut from a template I had drawn and the heads were glued into the neck slot using a glue gun. Costume and accessories were again made from scraps of cardboard and fabric.


  1. These are fantastic! I can't imagine taking that long to do a project, though! Still, so many skills are learned here. The belts, the feathers, the expressions! Great pirates! Argh, matey! Tell the kids I am totally impressed!

  2. Thank you very much Mrs S! I wouldn't normally spend so long on one project - like the kids I get bored pretty quickly. Luckily lots of different activities within the one project. :)


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