May 14, 2010

Tiger Sculptures

Inspiration: Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger.

Grade 3 students made these tigers to celebrate Year of the Tiger.
They constructed a base using a cardboard tube body, a  section of egg carton for the head, pop stick legs and a pipe cleaner tail.
We then covered them in a layer of paper mache. After looking at a lot of photos of tigers, the children painted in orange and white and used black markers to draw on the faces and give their tigers some stripes.

I like the drawing this boy is doing whilst waiting for his tiger to dry...:)


  1. They're awesome.
    Did you tell your students to lovingly make their art *Imran Khan accent* LIKE A TIGER!?

  2. Ha! Thanks Ben. That may have been a little creepy, especially as they are far too young to have seen The Late Show. You're obviously an Aussie!


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