Aug 24, 2010


OK, I think this has been my most favourite project I've ever done with my students. 
I love these zebras so much! Got the idea here at 'Manuales' (this is my also favourite blog - gives me heaps of ideas for lessons so thank you!)

As done in the 'Manuales' project, I had made my own little horse but changed the pegs on the legs so they could remain moveable. I then decided zebras rather than horses would be lovely for my students as they would fit with my current Grade One theme of Endangered Species.

So, we painted everything white then copied zebra patterns with black markers.
My three grade 1 classes all completed this lesson. In the first lesson I had older classes 'buddy up' with us to help with the cutting out of the thick cardboard, knotting the tail etc.

Changing the position of the pegs means you can train your zebra to stand, walk, sit and even talk! :)

I had the children colour  this African savannah type mural I drew with chalk pastels before adding zebras.


  1. All the posed zebras put together on the mural are just WONDERFUL! What a great group project. Thanks!

  2. Very cute by themselves. AWESOME as a herd! Very nice Anne!

  3. I just LOVE it - thank you for sharing :)

  4. Anne, these are terrific, and since I have an African animal theme planned I definitely want to make these. Can you be more specific w/instructions? For example - did you give them templates to trace? What kind of glue did you use for tail & mane? How is head attached? How did you cut the cardboard? And finally, how did you hang them up? Thanks!

  5. Thanks all!
    Phyl - I had the kids draw two body shapes on thick cardboard using a template I made.(One instance where I feel it was necessary to get the size and shape right ;))We had older kids come in as buddies to help them cut these out as the cardboard was pretty thick box cardboard. They cut pieces of wool for the mane and tail and glued these to the inside of one piece with PVA glue, before sandwiching the top on with the other piece of cardboard. I glued the heads on with a glue gun. I used dress-making pins to pin them up (the only thing long enough to go through the layers). Another helpful hint: the kids all had a tag with their name on it held in the zebra's mouth during construction/decoration so we could tell them apart. Hope that makes sense!

  6. Great! Thanks - that helps a lot! While I'm usually opposed to templates, I agree that for this it is OK. I have plenty of cardboard and clothespins, and plenty of yarn as well, so I should be all set. For other American teachers, they might need to know that PVA glue is white glue, most common brand is Elmer's Glue-All.

  7. These zebra sculptures are wonderful! I love the different positions for posing. Hooking them up to the mural makes such a bold statement too. I may try this later in the school year and if I do I will link back to your post. Thanks for the inspiring idea.

  8. Hi Anne, I hope you don't mind but I am going to do this with Grade 2 children. I absolutely love them..

    1. I'm happy you like them Anna :) I look forward to seeing yours!


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