Nov 11, 2010

Pop Art Cakes

Cupcake, 2000. Wayne Thiebaud. Image via wikipedia.
This project is a slight variation on this one from Kathy Barbro at Art Projects For Kids and inspired by my colleague Linda, who made really beautiful cupcakes with her grade fours. I have also been doing a lot of Pop Art inspired work with these students and this work was particularly inspired by American artist Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920).

I asked the students to firstly make a drawing of what their cake should look like and was impressed how literally many of them converted their designs into 3D creations.

This was the first time I'd attempted a clay project in a classroom setting with no art room tools (let's just say the carpet didn't look so good afterwards...) so I drew the line at glazing the cakes and instead we painted and varnished them.

Best of all, they are totally vegan, gluten free, sugar free and guilt free.

I love this one but it does kind of creep me out in a 'Spy vs Spy' kinda way....


  1. I LOVE these so much. What a great translation for both you and your students. I know my fourth graders would love to have a go at this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. It is amazing, I did a very similar cupcake container with fifth grade. For the top I had the students use coils so it had more of a piped frosting top. We did glaze them, the bottoms were with solid color glazes, and the tops any thing goes. Most used the crystal glazes. They looked a bit different than yours, but both are beautiful. I am new on these blogs, I may be hooked.

  3. Thanks Kelly - I 'd love to see the cakes your students made.

  4. I laughed SO hard once I remembered spy vs spy and made the connection. It was one of those...the longer you look at it the more it will appear moments. SO Funny!

    1. Thanks Jane - always happy when someone gets my jokes!


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