Nov 25, 2010

Sea Container Mural

When I arrived at my new school this term I was asked to do a few things to beautify the place. The school had been given a grant to create an Aboriginal inspired mural and I decided it should be based on drawings made by students. It is the last year of primary school for the grade 7s and so the grade 6/7 class worked on this project as a bit of a parting gift to the school. The old sea container is the Sports Shed (where all the sport equipment is kept).

I began by introducing the students to examples of contemporary Aboriginal art (the bold patterns and lolly colours appeal to me much more than the traditional stuff). I really love the work of Judy Watson Napangardi and Wakartu Cory Surprise.

The students drew and coloured designs inspired by artworks like these. I then chose three designs I liked and incorporated them into one design.

It was an incredibly hot Perth day yesterday when the kids and I did the painting on the sea container.


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