Mar 29, 2011

Grade 2 and 3 Self Portraits

These grade 2 and 3 self portraits were drawn from the children's photographs, coloured with chalk pastels and outlined in black marker. For most, this was their first time using chalk pastels.


  1. So much personality! These look great!

  2. I LOVE these! I am planning to try them with my kids next Friday!

    Thanks, Lauren

  3. Hi - these portraits are great. I wonder if you'd let me use some of them to illustrate a front cover of a booklet for a UK charity called National Family Mediation ( We are producing a log book for kids to complete with their separated/divorced parents when visiting each household - it helps the child deal with the situation which is not of their making and provides a form of communication between parents.
    Best wishes
    Peter Sas

    1. Hi Peter - Great idea but unfortunately that would mean getting permission from all of the students and I no longer have contact with these kids as this was now 3 years ago.


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