May 17, 2011

Pet Sculptures

Buddy The Golden Retriever
These little sculptures were made by my grade 2 and 3 class using recycled materials. Each child was given a small cardboard box as a starting point and told to create a sculpture of their favourite pet using a variety of recycled materials including bottle tops, wool, plastic lids, match sticks, cardboard, beads, buttons, pop sticks and pipe cleaners. Once assembled, the sculptures were painted and finishing touches added with markers. As these kids live in a farming community, there were some interesting pets other than the usual dogs and cats.
Grandma's Canary
Hopper The Baby Kangaroo
Oscar The Spotty Dog
Chocolate The Guinea PIg
Sandy The Greyhound
Little White Dog
Sally The Pug Dog
Anzac The Dog
Isabel The Chicken
Felix The Cat
Scruffy The Spider
Twinkle The Beagle
Occy The Black Labrador


  1. Adorable! Well done grades 2 and 3! I especially like Oscar, but the flat face pug is pretty cool,too.

  2. Anne, I offered an activity inspired by your folk art birds at ART NIGHT last week and am posting about it today referencing your post. This was SO much FUN! The kids and the parents really enjoyed it! Thanks so much.

  3. Nice creativity, liked it, Keep up the good work.

  4. these are really cute - may i ask what sort of glue you used?

  5. These little sculptures are beautiful. The "Sally The Pug Dog" is my favorite.

  6. Thanks all :)
    Hope - the kids used PVA glue but I also had a hot glue gun so they could come to me for anything that wasn't sticking properly.

  7. These are great. I love projects like this...very unique. How long did the entire lesson take? What kind of glue worked best?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Gabriela - this lesson probably took four or so 1 hr lessons from drawing designs to completion. A glue gun will glue pretty much anything but kids cannot operate it so I got them to do as much gluing as they could with PVA.


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