Jun 11, 2011

Treasure Chest Drawings

My example.

These pirate treasure chests were drawn by some of my grade 3 students. The aim of this lesson was to teach them a little about drawing 3D shape, using line to imply texture and shading to describe tone. I went through some simple step by step drawing with them for the chest and then left it to them to finish them off.

Their line work and shading needs work but I like the overall effect of these.


  1. this is a great idea for teaching 3-d geometric forms. i also like the contrast of the gold against the pencil tones. thanks!

  2. I'm not usually a fan of glitter, but I've got to admit, these look SO cute, and the glitter really makes them fun. Nice lesson!

  3. Thanks guys. I too am not a fan of glitter but every now and then some things just need it :)

  4. Hi Anne! I am so glad you stopped by my blog because that led me here! I love your ideas. Great work! :)


  5. Anne,

    Your use of glitter as an embellishment on the treasure chest drawings is brilliant!


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