Aug 1, 2011

Drawing With Scissors

A Rocket Going Into Space.

 These Matisse-inspired collages were created by a group of pre-primary and grade ones. We have been practicing 'drawing with scissors' like French artist Henri Matisse (1869 -1954) in his later life. Not sure why there are so many 'outer space' themed collages - I guess that's what they're all interested in right now.

"A man going into space with a helmet"
"A cat and a bat near a house"
"Icecream"                                                                                         "A cat chasing seagulls"

"A cat in a tree"                                                                                        "A girl and a house"
" A dog and a house"                                                                                                 "A Sailboat"

"An astronaut"
"A butterfly on a flower"

"Getting warm by the fireplace"                                                                    " A space shuttle"

"Two people in space".

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