Sep 15, 2011

Clay Owls

These simple little clay owls, made by my grade 2 and 3 class were inspired by this project from '4 Crazy Kings'. I also used Cheryl from 'Oz Kidz Artz''s adaptation of this project by using clay, oil pastels and ink to decorate. See Cheryl's version here. (Cheryl and I live in the same city but we are still yet to meet - Thanks Cheryl!).

These little guys are looking so cute on the window sills in the Art Room.


  1. They came out so cool! I love the technique for coloring them. Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks for the link! I love the owls! In my room we use Construction Paper Crayons to color our clay creations...glad to see others don't always glaze things! I love the textured effect. Best, Vicki

  3. I love the texture, and using alternative materials to glazing sounds like a great idea!

    Molly Stewart

  4. What a great project! I am getting a lot of compliments on all the clay owls that the 5th graders created. Each owl has its own personality. I liked using the oil pastels instead of having to glaze.


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