Apr 19, 2012

Paper Chain Chinese Dragons

These dragon sculptures were made by my Grade Ones earlier this year to celebrate Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. The idea for this project came from this great craft project at 'Naturally Educational'. Students began by choosing a piece of coloured paper of their choice. One side of their page was decorated with oil pastel stripes and the other was stamped with a plastic lid dipped in gold paint to imply the texture of dragon scales. Once dry, this paper was cut into strips and glued to form a paper chain. Another sheet of coloured paper was folded for the dragon's head. We used a basic origami hat. I helped the kids to staple the head to their paper chain body. I showed examples of Chinese dragon costumes and then provided coloured paper scraps and googly eyes and asked the students to decorate their dragons.


  1. These dragons have been great. Are very original. I will take note.
    Greetings from unpolsimdesal!

  2. A spectacular dragons! Congratulations to the artist!
    A very creative. I loved it!
    Greetings from petits grans artistes.

  3. What a cool idea!
    I've noticed on a few different blogs recently that they are able to place a copyright logo on the bottom of their photos. How do you enable this setting?
    k-12 art
    Galatia, IL

    1. Hi Kate - watermarking is not currently a setting you can enable through Blogger but is pretty easily done in Photoshop or with a program like iwatermark before uploading photos to Blogger.

  4. Nice job on the cute Chinese dragons with the paper chains. We did a version with a folded paper spring that held the head to the tail. I like your idea of the chain even better!


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