Jun 26, 2012

African Mask Collages


 These collages were created by Grade 1 students who are creating African inspired art works this term. The idea for this project came from this image and I thought it could work as a Notan-type project. 

After viewing images of African masks, students were given two pieces of coloured paper of their choice which were folded long-ways down the centre. A semi circle (with an ear) was drawn on the fold and cut through both layers to create two identical head shapes, one of which was then cut vertically down the middle. The cut piece then became the piece the students drew shapes on for the facial features and patterns, flipped over and glued to the other side of the face to complete the shape. We also used hole punches to make dots to glue on as decoration or details.

This was an ambitious lesson to do with grade 1s, but I'm glad I did as they understood it a lot better than I had anticipated!


  1. Masks very creative! Congratulations on the work of the symmetries.
    Ah! I have not even vote this blog that I like. I'll keep trying but my English is terrible! : O)

  2. Wonderful! These came out so well! So cool!


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