Sep 9, 2012

Apple Still Life

This great Apple Still Life lesson comes from Fine Lines.  I love the idea of introducing grade ones to still life using a photograph. Students drew a bird's eye view of apples on a plate from a photograph I took and then projected on the Smartboard. We used paper plates to trace a circle for the plate and small plastic lids to trace the apples. They were asked to focus on correct use of space by positioning the plate and apples in the right place. After drawing, students used acrylic paints to paint the apples, plate and background. In the next lesson I introduced the students to chalk pastels and asked them to observe the variations in colour and light they could see in the photograph. This is such an achievable lesson with fantastic results.


  1. beautiful lesson - will have to try it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks to you Christie for the inspiration!

  3. I think the addition of chalk pastels has really added another dimension to your pictures - your students have created some gorgeous work here. Thanks!!

  4. Do you allow pinning? I'd love to pin this for future reference :)

  5. Hi Anne, these are so great - go year one!


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