Feb 25, 2013

Still Life in Tints and Shades

This was another experimental lesson based on this image from Artsonia. I had my students complete a still life drawing in pencil which was then photocopied onto cartridge paper. 

The second drawing was then divided up using a grid. I asked the students to paint the objects and the foreground of the drawing using only tints (colours mixed with white) and the back ground using only shades (colours mixed with black). After painting lines were defined using black marker. 

This project took a lot longer to complete than expected and sadly some students did not seem to know what they were painting where after a while! As you can see, some have done as I asked and some have done their own thing. The finished results do look great (very Paul Klee-ish), but I would do this project differently in future - possibly on smaller paper to stop the students losing interest!


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