Jun 29, 2013

Leaf Drawings

 These drawings are the result of my grade one classes introduction to observational drawing. After a short demonstration, students were asked to make slow and accurate drawings of leaves of various shapes and sizes. They used fine point markers so they were unable to erase any errors, they instead moved to another part of their page and started again. They showed incredible focus and fine motor skills for 6 year olds. I am so proud of them, I can't stop looking at these drawings!


  1. These are great. I think I will give this a try in the fall.

  2. I am often drawn to your blog. Lovely stuff. I start every art day with an observational drawing. Your leaves are excellent. I am always on the hunt for new things to do observational drawings of. I find monotoned subjects are the best as the shades are easier to see.

  3. Wow, these drawings are really great! I almost can't believe they're made by children :-)


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