Dec 1, 2013

Paper Mache Bowls

I was inspired to create these recycled paper bowls with my grade 4 and 5 students after seeing this post at 'Splish Splash Splatter' using shredded magazines. Our administration office at school gets rid of a large box of shredded papers about every week and I already had a large box of shredded newspaper in my store room, so we set about layering and gluing strips of paper over plastic bowls until they began to form these new and interesting textured bowls. Obviously the more layers of paper each student added, the stronger the bowl. Once complete and totally dried out, you simply pop out the plastic bowl to reveal each new paper bowl.

I gave students the option of trimming the edges of their bowl, or leaving it ragged and also gave them the option of painting their finished bowl, though most decided it was much more interesting being able to see the different individual layers of paper strips. I also enjoy this look as it shows the process involved.


  1. Love stumbling upon your post! I just finished shredding lots of papers from my craft room, and I think this is the right project that can make use of them! Thanks for the share, Anne! I'm pretty sure my little girls will love to lend her hands in making this project. :)

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  2. What a great idea! Can you tell me how many classes it took to create this bowls? Thank you!


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