Feb 22, 2014

Recreating Famous Paintings and Greetings From the United Kingdom

It's been a while since I posted. It's actually been a while since I taught a class - two months in fact.

I am actually in the UK at the moment and will be for a few months before returning to my job in Australia. It's a long story but if any teachers are reading this in the UK - let's do lunch! I'm so bored and no one will give me a job over here. So let's make it a cheap lunch because I'm also broke. On a positive note I've been bumming around in galleries in London about once a week which has been amazing!
At the Tate Modern with one of my favourite paintings.
Anyhow - I thought I'd post some lovely drawings some grade 4 and 5 students did at the end of last year as part of an art history assignment I set. They had to research a famous painter and part of the assignment asked them to recreate one of that artist's most well known paintings.




Van Gogh:



  1. These drawings are absolutely lovely.
    I have a big box of postcard art prints in my art room that I have added to every time I visit a gallery as most of them have postcard prints of their most popular works for sale. Yes, I hang lots of prints around the room but there is something about the smallness of them in the children's hands that seems to make them less intimidating. And copying a print from the Art Picture box is one of the children's favourite early finisher activities. The Prep chn did some amazing drawings last year after looking at a pile of Turner prints from the picture box. I also always buy two of each print so you can play matching games and concentration, etc. I remember there also being books of perforated postcard prints that you could buy, and I did, to also add to my collection, but I haven't seen any of them around for years.
    So when you're on your gallery visits, even if you are broke, and I know the feeling of being broke while overseas, postcard prints don't cost very much!

  2. Oooh I LOVE the idea of the Art Picture Box - I will definitely do this! I've been collecting postcards from art galleries for years. I don't know how willing I am to part with them but perhaps I'd better start buying a few extras! Thank you Shelley!

  3. Thanks for sharing these Anne! I love seeing all the different interpretations of the works of art. Enjoy the rest of your time in the UK. Your posts always inspire me!


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