Sep 5, 2014

Rainy Day Watercolours

This is a great watercolour and crayon resist lesson idea I got from Natalie from smART Class. You can find all the instructions on her blog. I had actually never used artist quality watercolours and watercolour paper with students before as I have always figured it would be too expensive, however this was a simple introduction to watercolour techniques in which we only used one small piece of paper per student and only three different colours - and it only took one lesson on a rainy day to complete!


  1. maybe we´ll use this idea for christmas cards, thanks!

  2. These are lovely. So what watercolors and paper did you end up using? We have a budget as well so looking into various options.

    1. Thank you - I ended up buying a small tray of watercolours and a pad of watercolour paper from Jacksons I think - this won't help you unless you are in Australia. I just cut the sheets into smaller pieces so I had twice as much paper.


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