Oct 18, 2014

Abstract Paintings

 This was an introductory lesson to abstract painting for grade 2. I love exploring abstract art with younger age groups as they always seem to have an innate understanding of abstraction and never question its relevance the way older students do. 

After discuss the meaning of abstraction and viewing many examples of well-known abstract paintings, students set about creating their own abstract paintings. I loved watching them paint and seeing their personalities spread out in paint on their page.  Those who love colour used all the colours, those who are neat and organised painted organised lines and patterns and those who love mess and chaos went a little wild.

In the next lesson we made a square window frame from black card and I asked the students to frame the section of their work they felt was most interesting. Each student also titled their work after we discussed the convention of artists creating titles for their work. 



  1. Looks so fun! I love painting in this way with my kids, free-painting we call it. Your kids did a great job!

  2. I like the idea of having kids crop their own work for framing!!

  3. So much variety across the class, very cool! : )

  4. This is so beautiful collection of abstract paintings!! I just loved it. If we combine all of them together, they will look really great. Your students are so talented!! Have you ever seen Aboriginal Art collage?


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