Mar 8, 2015

Ceramic Wall Tiles


2014 was the final year that grade 7 students attended primary school in Western Australia. Therefore, 2014 was a momentous year with both our final group of grade 7 students as well as our first ever group of grade 6 students all graduating in the same year. To celebrate this event, I had all my grade 6 and 7 students create a legacy tile which would become part of a large permanent artwork at our school.

Each student created a unique radial symmetry design using the initials of their name. This meant creating a design on one eighth of a circle that would be repeated around a circle. After creating their initial design as well as a design featuring their intended use of colour for glazing. 

Students each rolled a clay slab and cut it to a 14x14cm square. Their circular designs were then transferred onto the clay slab and engraved using fine tools or wooden skewers. Each student's design includes their first and last name as well as the year they started at the school and the year they graduated. (I have removed last names and some first names in my photographs to protect identities).





  1. Not all of Australia. Year 7s still attend Primary School in SA. Lovely activity.

  2. Dear Anne,
    I am hoping to do this with my grade 6 chn this term. A few questions. Did you adhere your clay tiles straight onto the brick work? Did you grout them on? I thought you would need to grout them onto a board and then screw the heavy board into the bricks. I think yours seemingly going straight onto the bricks look much better.
    Is that wall an outside wall and if so how are they weathering?
    Thanks for your halp, and as you already know - I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    1. Hi there Shelley :)
      Yes, I stuck the tiles straight to the bricks. I used 'Selleys Liquid Nails Landscape'. It will work so long as your tiles aren't too thick and heavy. My wall is outdoors but in a covered walkway, so exposed to the weather but only partly. So far they are weathering just fine.
      Thanks! :D

    2. Thanks for replying and answering my question. Colleagues who have made lots of clay tile murals always grout theirs onto boards first and then permanently screw the boards to the brick walls of the school. This seems like a lot more work compared to yours. We still do have a few covered walkways where the tiles, and their liquid nails glue, would be a bit protected from the elements., and I wouldn't have to grout them in between. Hmmm, I think I might give your way a try and see how I go. I'll send you some photos when it's all done for the your projects page.
      Thanks for the help,


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