Apr 10, 2015

Marble Paintings In The Style of Jackson Pollock

This was a fun lesson I did at the end of the school year after discussing abstraction and the work of Jackson Pollock with my grade 4 students.

Divided into groups, students took turns placing a piece of paper in the bottom of a shallow cardboard box, dipping marbles into paint and then rolling the marbles around in various directions to create action paintings reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's work. This was a great process for the students as although they had some control over the painting it was difficult to predict the end result.
Jackson Pollock images on the Smartboard for inspiration.


  1. These are great. Bet they loved the messy aspect of this lesson too! Great wall display as well.
    How do you get your blog name on your photographs. I used to use Picassa do to this but not anymore.

    1. Thanks Indigo Blue. I use a program called Watermark Pro, it's good and pretty cheap. :)


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