Jun 7, 2015

More Koi Fish Drawings

You may have seen this lesson HERE the first time I tried it 2 years ago. I rarely repost lessons but I am so amazed at my current cohort of grade 2 students that I had to share these. 

After looking at many pictures of koi fish and discussing the way they move and the different markings and colours they can have, students created a pencil drawing from a photo of their choice. 
I asked them to begin with one line to represent the backbone. The curve of the line would also add movement and make their fish look as if it is swimming. They then created a body shape around this line, including the tail and drew in great detail the other features. After drawing I had them go over their drawing with black permanent marker before painting with watercolours. 

Students cut out their drawing using a wavy line to represent a pond. We didn't add the charcoal lines this time (as I did the last time I taught this lesson) as I was too excited to get these on display!

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