Jul 13, 2015

More Swimming Self Portraits!

 I first created this lesson around five years ago and it ended up becoming my most popular blog post!
 It's been a great project for exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques as well as getting students to create artworks based on familiar personal experiences, sensory expression and concepts of self.

I rarely repeat the same art projects over the years as I am always keen to try something new but after 5 years I had to revive this one for a batch of grade ones who were excited about swimming lessons. 
I also had to repost the project as I think that this time the kid's drawings are even cuter - I nearly died of cuteness.

You can see the original project HERE which also has details of the process. 


  1. These are Awesome! The girl in the pink bikini with the big tooth smile - Love!

  2. Oh my goodness! How do we do this? How do we do it? We have done nothing but swim lately! I want my kids to be able to do this with me at home! I need to look up further instructions to complete! I share an art group with kids when we can get them all together, and I KNOW they'd all love this one!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. OH YAY I Found the instructional link ! Yay! Again!

    2. Hahaha! Enjoy Jeanine - I'd love to see the results from your kids.

  3. These are just wonderful - So expressive :)


  4. What did you change the second time around that has the sharpie lines standing out more boldly?

  5. Oh these are gorgeous. I have just finished doing my versions with my grade 3 students again It is such a great activity. Yes, we talk a lot about the differences between swimming/floating bodies and running/walking/cycling bodies and even do all these actions in the art room, which is a lot of fun. But I also link in with looking at David Hockney's swimming pool paintings and how he was always experimenting with how he could improve the look of the water, by adding and changing the way he painted the sun reflections on the water, etc. Here is a link to my old blogpost about them.
    It is time I posted another update including this year's crop of gorgeous grade 3 swimming bodies!

  6. These are great. Perfect with swimming lessons coming up.


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