Sep 22, 2011

Something Fishy

Today on my reading list I noticed SIX bloggers have already posted fish themed projects this week. Funny, as my grade 3s have just finished these felt fish today also. 

Here are the other projects I refer to:

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Fish Bowls @ smART class
 Watercolour Fish @ Art With Mr E
 Patterned Name Fish @ Art Class Ideas

Aren't fish a great theme to work with? My student's fish were inspired by a student's work I saw on my favourite blog, Manuales a couple of years ago. See 'Marta's Fish' here.

They began by tracing a fish template I made onto two pieces of felt before cutting, pinning and sewing the two pieces. They then turned them inside out, stuffed with stuffing foam, sewed on button eyes and then finally added sequins and scraps of felt for scaly decoration. I had them glue on the decorations as I figured these bits were far too fiddly for little fingers to sew on (and by then I was pretty sick of threading needles and correcting stitches for those who were struggling!)

It was the first time these students have done sewing and I've got to say their skills aren't fantastic yet, but they were all so proud of their little fish. I think sewing is a great skill which should still be taught to children and creating something that even slightly resembles a soft toy feels like a special sort of achievement for them.

These two boys are best friends who created identical fish. I just had to photograph them together. Too cute.

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