Oct 2, 2011

Scratch Art Whales

These whale crayon etchings were made recently by a class of grade 3s. We made our own 'Scratch-LIte' paper rather than buying the plastic sheets. If you haven't done this before and would like to try it, all you need to do is cover a page entirely using coloured oil pastels or crayons and then paint the page with a coat of black paint (student acrylic works fine). Once dry we used nails and wooden skewers to draw into the black paint, revealing the colours the students used underneath. If you stick these up on windows they look amazing with the light glowing through the colours.


  1. I love the variation in all of these! I'm starting a scratch art project myself in a couple weeks!

  2. Gee, I used to do a scratch art project every year, and now I haven't in a long time. Maybe this year... the challenge is getting the kids to color hard enough and to fill in ALL the white areas!

  3. These are awesome! It's nice to know that you don't really have to add anything to the black paint. I know some people say you need to add dish soap or something like that. Less steps save time!

  4. Thanks guys, well I used oil pastels which I think cover quicker and are so greasy you wouldn't need to add anything to the paint. Yep, this is a bit of a blast from the past!

  5. What kind of paper works best? Something thicker, I'd imagine?

    1. Hi Rachel - yep some paper that is quite thick and robust would be best. I always use cartridge paper.


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