Dec 8, 2011

Elmer Elephants

This project was done by my grade 1 and 2 classes and was inspired by this lesson at 'Experiments In Art Education'. 'Elmer', by David McKee is one of my favourite children's books because I love elephants and I adore the colours. 

Anyway - I had to give this a go and I think they turned out beautifully. Students created their own piece of patchwork paper by cutting and gluing coloured squares of tissue paper to a white sheet of paper. Once completed and dry, we looked at the basic shapes required to draw Elmer and drew our elephants on the back of the patchwork papers. Students then cut out the elephants and glued them to blue card, adding an ear cut from scrap paper and a tiny googly eye to finish.



  1. these turned out so cute! what is your plan for display? that was my unsolved mystery for this project. I tried a jungle mural with a couple classes, that looked cute but kinda busy looking... hmmm...

  2. Thanks Katie, I'm not sure what I'd do for display, I actually won't be displaying these as we are in out last week of school for the year here (hoorah!) but I would keep it pretty simple I think.

  3. WOW! these are beautiful! I just love them :)
    I also always love projects for little guys that include a story or a picture book. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the great posting!!

  4. I missed this when you posted it - so thanks Pinterest! I did an Elmer project last year. Such a sweet story and this is a great interpretation. Nice!


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