May 20, 2012

The Lorax Project

This project was inspired by Lorax crafts seen online at Craft Jnr and Art Projects For Kids and of course the wonderful Dr Seuss himself. My Grade 2 classes completed these back in March to coincide with Dr Seuss's birthday and the Australian release of the animated film.

I had my students gather and paint small sticks, which we painted yellow. Once dry, we used black marker to draw on the stripes and then planted three 'Truffula trees' each into a piece of air drying clay (which we later painted green once it had set).
For the fluffy foliage I dyed a couple of bags of cotton wool balls in food colouring using Seuss-type colours. Students then chose three to glue to the tops of their trees.

I then gave students a step-by-step sheet I created - 'How To Draw The Lorax' and each child drew, coloured and cut out a Lorax from a small piece of card which was then glued onto their group of trees. They all turned out super cute and are currently still residing in the school library!


  1. A lovely project! The Lorax is a very endearing personage and even what is seen through the eyes of a child!
    By the way ... I love those soft trees!
    Greetings from petits grans artistes (Catalonia)

  2. Those are lovely with colours.


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