Nov 5, 2013

Ceramic Peacocks

These ceramic peacocks were created by grade 3 students using pinch pot, slab and modelling techniques. These were, again part of our recent Indian theme to tie in with our 'Hearts For India'  fundraiser.

Students began by creating a small pinch pot. They then rolled a thin slab of clay and cut it into a fan shape using clay tools. This tail section was decorated with feather patterns before being joined to the back edge of the pinch pot. A neck, head and beak were then modelled from a rolled up piece of clay and joined to the front of the pinch pot body.

The peacocks were later glazed in blues and greens and some chose to glue on beads or sequins for eyes.

These made perfect tealight candle holders and looked perfect lit up for our school open night - until too many inquisitive hands caused me to blow them all out.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the fine details in the feathers. What a wonderful twist on the pinch pot lesson,

  2. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May try this!!

  3. Beautiful idea! I have a stack of tea-light candles just waiting....
    :) Elizabeth

  4. I love these…beautiful with the candles. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. You can use those small battery operated tealights instead!

  6. Gonna make this...hope they are as beautiful as these young students!


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