Dec 9, 2014

Candy Cane Drawings

This is a great end of year/Christmas activity for older students. Inspired by this post at 'A Faithful Attempt', I had my grade 6 and 7 students create a tonal drawing of a candy cane using coloured pencils. This was a great project to review drawing techniques like using curved lines and implying light and shade by creating tonal variance to describe a rounded object.

Students love seeing these take form and appear to pop out from the page. Handing out some real candy canes as inspiration is also sure sweeten the deal!


  1. Yep, my kids will like this one - maybe a needed change from my last-week-before-break snowflake cutting! Thanks for sharing the great examples, and happily candy canes won't push my budget too far :)

  2. Thanks Hope - it's a good one but doesn't take too long so I will still be doing snowflake cutting too :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to try this next week!


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