Dec 2, 2014

Ceramic Kimonos

In order to integrate students' learning of Japanese language, we have tackled many Japanese themed art projects this year.

This sculpture project was inspired by the work of grade 8 students from Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy here at Artsonia.   These ceramic kimonos were made by grade 4 and 5 students using slab construction techniques and stand approximately 15-20cm tall.

Students designed 3 paper template pieces for their kimono, much like a dress-making pattern which were laid onto thinly rolled slabs of clay and joined and sculpted to form a free-standing sculpture. (Having said that, many kimonos had to be glued to wooden bases after firing as they were a little unstable but I think either way looks fine).

Students used gloss glazes to add colour and pattern to their kimono, using Japanese papers and photographs of traditional kimonos as inspiration.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks very much Christie - I haven't sent them home with the kids yet, I'm a little attached to them myself!

  2. hey miss Farrell its bell love the art work

    1. I see Shama's on the bottom picture
      yay shams


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