May 16, 2011

Abstract Shape Drawings

I recently saw another teacher do this lesson from this book. 
I really like the simplicity of this lesson. But - I probably bombarded my poor little students with terminology as it was a great lesson for beginning teaching concepts like shape, abstraction, overlapping, use of space and focal point.

Students traced a number of flat geometric shapes onto paper with pencil making sure to fill the page and overlap each shape in some way. They then used oil pastels to colour each shape and each new shape created by the overlapping. They were not allowed to use the same colours next to one another.

After colouring we brushed on edicol dye over the pastels, creating a wax resist. Once their work was dry, students chose one small shape within the drawing to cover with glitter as their focal point.


  1. I love this project! I'm a grade school art teacher in the US and I'm always looking for legitimate uses for glitter. they look so rad!

  2. Love This!!
    Could I also use watercolor paints as the was wash over instead of the edicol dye?

    1. Thanks Lindsey - yes watercolours should work fine if you keep them very watered down. Good luck!


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