Jul 11, 2011

Paper Pirate Ships

These pirate ships were created by one of my grade 3 classes. Students used plastic scrapers and wooden skewers to scratch patterns into wet painted paper. The aim was to create a wood grain texture in the brown and something to suggest the ocean on the blue papers. Once dry, we used the brown paper to fold an origami boat base. A piece of wooden skewer was added for the mast and paper sails and flags were cut from a template I made (students decorated them with Jolly Rogers etc).
We used one piece of blue patterned paper to cover a piece of cardboard for the base. Students then had to sculpt the rest of the blue paper into waves. I just love the way they have cut, twisted and curled the paper to suggest the movement of the ocean.

I must apologize for the quality of some of my photos recently. My camera seems to be on the way out - I'd better start saving some pennies for a new one!


  1. These pirate ships are terrific! I'm terrible at origami though - it always seems that I'm missing a step somewhere. Are the origami boats easy to make?

  2. Thanks Phyl. I got the instruction here: http://www.kobodesign.com/open-source/origami-boat/

    The kids didn't find it too tricky as long as I went slowly with the demo :)

  3. Great project.
    I love the 3-dimensionality of the blue paper.


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