Aug 3, 2011

Umbrella - ella, ella...

Trying to make something positive from this freezing cold, stormy weather we have been having, (yep, that's a photo of Perth, where I live - meanwhile Minnesota has had a heatwave? Go figure...) ANYWAY - I recently had my pre-primary and grade one students make these rainy day collages. Students painted sheets of paper with warm and cool colours and then cut up the paper to make their umbrellas and raindrops. It helped a little :)


  1. Amazing photo- such a heavy sky, and that lightning!

    I've often done an umbrella lesson but I never thought of painting the paper first and THEN cutting out the umbrella. I think think they are great!

  2. Thanks Phyl, I should mention, I didn't take that photograph, it is from a news website :)

  3. I love these umbrellas.
    The colors and so vibrant.

  4. Just tagged you in a post I did featuring umbrellas inspired by this lesson. Thank you for sharing; I love your blog!!


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