Oct 15, 2011

Picasso Style Guitar Collages


Students completed a still life drawing of a guitar before cutting up a copy of their drawing to create a collage in the style of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) using techniques of the Cubist style. Cubist painters took apart their subject matter and re-assembled it in abstracted form. Guitars were a favourite subject of Picasso. His guitar collages included cut pieces of paper including wallpaper, newspaper and sand paper. 
Guitar, Sheet Music, and Wine Glass
Pablo Picasso. 1912.
Image from http://communitas.princeton.edu/blogs/modernart

My grade 5 and 6 students used the following criteria to complete their collage:
Using the Pablo Picasso paintings and collages for inspiration, create your own collage from your guitar still life drawing. You must use at least 3 of these things:
- Sheet music or newspaper
- String or wool
- Wood grain paper
- Brown paper or coloured paper 
- Patterned paper  
and at least 1 of these mediums: 
- Watercolours
- Oil Pastels
- Permanent markers or textas


  1. These look great! Just wondering if you had received my email?

  2. I love how each one of these is so completely unique. Wonderful Picasso collage lesson!

  3. i did a similar lesson last year with 2nd grade and it was a tough one. there were good results, but i think i had too many steps (we drew a front view and a back view of the guitar) and the kids got a bit confused. i am looking to simplify it for this year. i like what your kids have done - thanks for sharing!

  4. These look awesome! I'm working on a picasso guitar project as well :)

  5. Thanks all :)
    @ Marianne - I've just emailed you back a rather long reply so have a snack ready :)


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