Jun 11, 2017

Spin Paintings

I saw this activity at 'Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone' and knew I would have to try it at some point. Her student's results were so beautiful and reminded me of British artist Damien Hirst's Spin Paintings. 

The only place  I know that still sells salad spinners is IKEA. Grab yourself a couple. I then made a cardboard template of a circle that fit the inside of the salad spinner. I had the students trace the template and cut out a couple of circles for themselves out of white paper. The consistency of the paint is important. It needs to be fairly thin and runny. We used liquid watercolours in squeezy bottles. The painting process is best completed in pairs with younger students. One can hold the spinner whilst the other adds paints and spins the lid. Students can open the lid at any time and decide whether to spin more or add more paint. 

The results were exciting and once dry you could incorporate them into another art work. We simply glued ours onto card as an example of experimental painting. We also completed 'Tie Dye with Baby Wipes' in the same lesson.


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