May 31, 2011

Colonial Ships

Inspiration: These ships were inspired by the work of New York artist Ann Wood whose ships I love! I tweaked one of her ship templates to make it a little more 'kid friendly'.

These were made by grade 6 and 7 students to look a little like the First Fleet of European ships to colonize Australia. They took many weeks of paper mache-ing (?) and construction and they still don't look as good as I would like - but there's only so far you can take things sometimes!


  1. I think they did very well!

    What did you use as base-form to construct around? Cardboard?

  2. Good on you kids, they look fabulous!

  3. Yay! Ann Wood likes them :)
    Blue-bird - yes they used cardboard from cereal boxes, taped up, then paper mache.

  4. THey did great- their teacher has brilliant Ideas and she worries too much!


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