Sep 9, 2011


Hoorah! 200 Followers!! A big thank you to all of you who are still following, reading and commenting on this blog from all over the world - it makes me feel very loved :) Thanks also to those now following via email subscription, Facebook, Networked Blogs, Google and Pinterest!

I am celebrating by posting 10 of my favourite art projects. Click on the pictures above to see the full posts.

Coloured pencils - Use Them! (It's a good place to start anyway).


  1. A big congrats! You have so many great projects. I love checking in to see your latest. Love those Modigliani portraits and Giacometti sculptures. I had missed the alphabet great!

  2. What a great idea to look back. Some of the above projects you posted long before I started following blogs, so they were new to me. I LOVE the trapeze artists!!!

  3. Way to go! You have some wonderful creations on your blog and you obviously enjoy teaching! It's very clear in the beautiful works created by your students!


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