Mar 9, 2012

Tutankhamun Masks

My grade 6 classes are exploring the art of Ancient Egypt this term. They made these masks in Art for a class assembly item, which were inspired by photographs of King Tutankhamun's famous gold death mask. Students used cardboard, gold paint and textas. They made a cardboard head band attached to the back to hold the masks on. Thanks to Ms Evans for finishing them off in class and a huge thanks to Anna Pietrolungo (my fellow Aussie) from 'Imagine Explore Create' for the idea - it was exactly what I needed!


  1. Wow! They look fantastic. I feel honoured that you used my idea. They look very authentic.... Well done!

  2. Very cool idea! (Credit to Anna :))

    The results are great!

  3. I had to forward this to a friend who loves Egyptian art! Thanks you Anne and Anna!

  4. Awesome project! I could definitely use this to integrate art into my World History class. Thanks for passing it along. I'm a new follower and look forward to more inspiring posts :)
    Teaching Living History Blog

  5. These are great Anne! The kids must have a wonderful time!

  6. hello mrs farrell it's aiman i saw these i can't believe we looked that good thank q for putting these on here

  7. These are great! I start my 6th graders every year with an Egyptian project and this is perfect for next Fall. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! More Egyptian inspired art coming soooooon :)

  8. How did you find the format to trace. I love this idea for my third graders in the US


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