Sep 1, 2013

Reading Self Portraits

This is another project my students completed recently for National Book Week. I got the idea here at Color, Collage and Much More.
After instructions about drawing the human face, Grade Two students used mirrors to draw and paint their own faces. I spent some time demonstrating how to achieve different skin tones and hair colours by mixing paints. We worked back into these paintings with coloured textas before cutting out the painting and gluing onto a coloured paper background. Students also included their favourite book as a collage element.


  1. Beautiful portraits! And what a wonderful idea to include their favorite book!

  2. Great idea to incorporate their interests into their self portrait!

  3. These are awesome! So exciting to see lesson progress. Thank you for the link back to my post. Have a great school year!

  4. Hi!

    My name is Marilia and I am a teacher from Greece. My English are not very good, but I' ll try to write to you to tell you how much I thank you for this post! Today I tried this project with my 8 years old pupils and you can see our portraits here:

    I visit your blog very often and I find it wonderful! Thanks again and keep posting beautiful projects!


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  6. Love, Love, Love these! Thank you for your inspirational pictures!


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