May 29, 2016

More Clay Treasure Chests

Here's another project that I returned to recently after first completing with grade twos 6 years ago. You can see my post about the original project HERE. This time I gave the project to my grade three group and made a few changes to the final decorations. 

Over several lessons, students used slab construction techniques to create a rectangular box with a curved lid. They added details of their choice such as locks, keys, handles and used clay tools to engrave texture into the clay. This is a great project for exploring texture as students are challenged to get that 'centuries old wood grain look' 

Once fired, I had students rub over their treasure chest with crayons in shades of brown or green, in order to pick up and enhance the texture. We then painted the clay with brown edicol dye (for those non-Australians - this is a type of strong dye made from food colouring). Alternatively, you could use a watered down brown ink or brown watercolour paint. Students were then given metallic paints to paint the details they wanted to look like metal. 

Fill with small sequins, rhinestones and seashells for display!!


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