Aug 8, 2016

Self Portrait Pinch Pots

This is one of those grade one projects that nearly made me die of cuteness! As a twist on the usual introduction to ceramics, I was inspired by this adorable project from 'Handmade Charlotte'. After students learned to create a pinch pot, I had them make a lid for their pot by rolling out a small slab of clay and tracing the top of their pot to cut a circle to fit as a lid. They rolled and stuck on a small ball of clay to act as a handle for the lid/nose for their face. 

After discussing portraiture and self portraits, students were asked to use ceramic glazes to paint their skin colour, hair colour and facial features in very basic detail using a very small brush. 

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute! I am in the middle of pinch pot bird baths with my grade 3 students. They are a bit similar to your Koi fish bowls but I have added another pinch pot upside down underneath to make them into bird baths. i'm also going to try to melt blue glass pebbles in them for the water in the bird bath. I've never tried it before so wish me luck!


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