Sep 4, 2016

Clay Bird Vessels

These clay bird vessels were made by my grade 4 students recently, inspired by these bird vases from 'Be Creative Mary'. Students rolled a slab of clay and cut a basic bird shape. They then rolled a second slab and traced the first bird shape so they had two identical pieces. The pieces were joined at the head and the tail, leaving the middle section open and unjoined. 
The vessels were stuffed with newspaper for stability whilst texture and decoration were added to the bird using clay tools.
After firing, students added colour by rubbing oil pastels into the surface of the clay to pick up the texture and then painting with coloured inks and dyes. I later added a coat of spray varnish to each piece to seal it. 


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  2. I was scrolling through Pinterest today and just found this blog post. I am "Be Creative Mary". I'm so proud. These birds are awesome!


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